All software running on the ARM with Linux will be programmed in the C programming language. This allows us to access hardware like the serial port in a direct manner.

The ARM-software will do different tasks as you can see in the picture below.

ARM software concept

ARM software concept

Ground station software
To have a good tracking of the whole experiment during the flight, we will have ground station software, where all necessary parameters are displayed.
We have 2 different kinds of data sets:

  • Health-data
  • Payload data (ADS-B messages)

The ground station software handles all E-Link (Ethernet) communication with the experiment. This software also splits the received data into health data and payload data. All necessary informations are displayed on a GUI. This software will be written by the team itself.

Health care data includes different temperatures of different subsystems and the actually CPU-load of the ARM-computer.
Beside that there will be the possibility to reset the FPGA, reboot the ARM-computer and set a command to write out all files which are opened at the moment.

Payload data means all the data which is received by the experiment during flight. These data will be displayed with a copy of the software “PlanePlotter“.